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Welcome to PLG Integra!

PLG Integra is one of India’s most successful suppliers of high quality LED lighting products. PLG is a young dynamic company and is part of a group of companies with over 20 years of experience in the professional lighting industry. As a result, we have a clear vision of products that are in demand by customers in both the Entertainment & Architectural lighting field.

The world's leading nations are stressing the need to use limited energy resources efficiently and to minimize environmental pollution caused during energy use. Therefore, they are rushing to pass legislation that restricts incandescent bulb usage.

The current trend is driving demand for LED lighting, which uses far less electricity than fluorescent lights and does not have any harmful emissions. Industry experts predict that the environmentally friendly LEDs will occupy at least 30% of the lighting market by 2015.

LEDs are attracting a great deal of attention in the lighting market for many reasons: they last 20 times longer than incandescent lights, while only consuming one-fifth of the energy an incandescent requires. Also, LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike conventional light bulbs, and operate on low voltage, which cuts out harmful electromagnetic emissions.

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